Siberian Huskies – Great Travel Friends

The Siberian Husky is wildly popular in North America. He is a friendly, outgoing dog with a somewhat silly demeanor. Your Siberian Husky will likely be a little clown that behaves very well with children and even strangers.

Siberian Huskies are among the few breeds that can stand even the toughest weather and be totally comfortable. Even 75 degrees below zero is manageable for this dog. They just love cold weather and especially snow.

A Husky’s coat can come in any color, and none is considered a fault. They’re eyes are usually blue or brown but it’s not impossible for one eye to be blue and one brown. They shed their undercoat twice a year and will require daily brushing during those times.

How are Siberian Huskies like to live with in an apartment

Surprisingly they can adapt to almost any climate and weather conditions. They’re obviously more comfortable with air conditioning in a warmer climate, but it’s not impossible for them to live in warm environments. Though you might want to keep a pool in the back yard with fresh cold water so they can cool off in the summer.

Huskies are not recommended for apartments. They are very active and will be hard to deal with. Only consider keeping one in an apartment if he’s well trained and if he’s getting plenty of exercise. Exercise can be hard if you don’t have a yard because he likes to run around a lot and he can’t be left without a leash (more on that later).

Siberian Huskies bond very deeply with their pack and they suffer from separation anxiety when they’re left alone. If this were to happen they will try to get through any obstacle to escape. Having a crate that your dog considers like home is a great idea to provide comfort during those times.


I’ve heard that Siberian Huskies will try to escape

Often times called escape artists, these Houdiny-like dogs have a Columbus instinct, they just need to explore. And be sure that they’ll try every little trick they can think of. Their curiosity seldom knows limits.

Siberian Husky Bi-EyesThey’re quick, agile and have a cunning mind that makes them often try unusual things to get out. Expect them to try burrowing under your fence – digging prevention is a must – you will also need at least a 6 foot fence since it’s very easy for them to jump lower fences.

A word on invisible fences. It’s not going to work. The little jolt is hardly going to stop a Siberian bolting through. In fact, it can actually work against you. When and if the dog should return home he will be reluctant to do so if he’s stopped by the invisible fence when he’s walking home at a slower speed. It’s just a no-no for Siberian Huskies.

Never keep them off-leash when you’re outdoors. They should never be allowed to run free. In fact, even in a fenced area, unless the fence also goes underground or it’s on concrete, you can bet he’s going to burrow under it. It’s also worth noting that Huskies don’t always dig just to excape, they do it because it’s fun. They like to dig. Likewise providing a special place where he’s allowed and encouraged to dig is a great idea.

Can I have other pets to go with my Siberian Husky?

Well, not exactly. They have a strong prey drive to put it mildly. Deft and cunning, they can even catch cats, not to mention other small animals. Chickens, rats and the like will prove short work for them.

However they can live with cats if and only if they are raised with them. So if you’re planning to have cats and a Siberian Husky be sure you get a puppy.

These canines prefer cold climates but can adapt to many other environments. They are very active but they shouldn’t be exercised too much during the summer. Make sure they’re well restrained since they will inexorably try to escape. They are loving and caring companions, clever and agile.

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