What To Do When Your Siberian Husky Escapes


Dog Jumping Over An Outdoor Dog Park Fence
Siberian Huskies are pack dogs that love comfort and security at the breast of the family. Their wolf-like appearance is not indicative to their personality. They are easy-going, cuddly family members.

Siberian Huskies love to run, especially away. Never leave him off leash, even if he has a Champion Obedience Title. This is quite a big deal for dog owners so let’s talk about some precautions and measures you can take before, when and after the dog escapes.

How to prepare in case your Siberian Husky runs away

Take a set of pictures beforehand so you can send them out immediately in case your dog gets away. Just telling people to look for a big, beautiful Husky is not a good incentive and provides no starting information. Try not to use show pictures because people may be inclined towards the dark side if they know your dog is valuable.

The best measure is to tattoo and microchip your dog for good identification. Make sure you register the chip number with a lost/found organization to facilitate locating efforts.

Two great ideas are, first, to check the restraining system for your dog frequently. Tunnelling, wear, collar, leashes can all show signs of weakness. The second idea is to walk your dog frequently so your neighbourhood develops unconscious awareness towards your dog. Then when they hear about him they’ll figure, oh hey I know this guy. Then they’re more inclined to help.


What to do when your Siberian Husky runs away

Grab a piece of meat and run after him waving it. Be hopeful he will catch its scent instead of a rat/cat/chicken etc. Another idea is to open a car or houses door and yell his name and tell him to come in. If he’s well trained he might feel the impulse to listen to you.

A clever idea is to run away from your dog and tell him to play his favourite game. A last, foolproof way to bring your dog back is to run where the dog can see you and fall down and sob loudly, he will instinctively come to see what’s going on and then you can grab him. However foolproof this one is, it’s probably only going to work the first time.

A warning when/if you get him back

You’ll probably not going to get him back in the few minutes. So don’t beat or discipline him at all whenever he does come back. If you do he will associate your beating with the act of returning, making him even more reluctant to do so if he ever escapes again. Instead, praise him enthusiastically, give him tumbles and belly rubs so he will associate love and happiness with coming home.

Siberian Huskies need a good 6 feet high fence to keep them at bay as well as buried wire or some other form of digging prevention because they will try tunnelling. If you’re Husky ever escapes, don’t despair, there’s still a good chance he’ll come back home even after a few days, so long as you’ve made sure his home is loving and caring.

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